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  • Tue, Jun 12, 2018 Dell EMC and software giant SAP partner to improve private data blockchain storage security


    Dell EMC, SAP, and Camelot ITLab are working together to improve data security stored on the blockchain.

    Dell EMC (DELL's IT subsidiary) announced a new partnership with software giant SAP Solution and Camelot Innovation Technologies (Camelot ITLab), and the three parties will work together to improve the security of private data storage on the blockchain.

    The three companies are trying to change the way private data is stored in the blockchain. In Dell's white paper, the solution is called "trusted computing." Dell thinks:

    "By storing private data in a hashed hash and subsequent integrity verification, these private data can be completely stored under the chain when registered on the chain."

    Not only that, this solution also allows interested parties to vote through the selection algorithm, and then distribute the algorithm as an executable program to all participants. As Dell pointed out, although malicious actors can change algorithms under the chain, the hardware of the "trusted computing" system can prevent "unauthorized modification" and prohibit the operation of any interference algorithm, and then solve the current "Client is not trusted" problem.

    It is reported that the three companies hope to use this blockchain solution to improve data storage security in the healthcare and petroleum industries. However, for the time being, it is not clear in which vertical area the relevant blockchain platform will have a significant impact.

    Steffen Joswig is an executive partner of Camelot ITLab and he is very pleased with this tripartite cooperation and stated that:

    "Camelot has teamed up with Dell EMC to leverage the unique capabilities of blockchain technology to help companies protect the privacy and security of sensitive data."

    Other companies are also increasing research efforts on sensitive data storage blockchain solutions:

    In August 2017, Vault One announced the launch of an Ethereum-based blockchain data storage solution to help SMEs increase the security of sensitive data;

    In April 2018, five healthcare companies, including the German dairy giant Humana, joined forces to establish a blockchain platform that aims to increase the accuracy of supplier data and reduce the cost of data storage analysis.