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  • Wed, Jun 13, 2018 American Express recruit on blockchain project to promote Ripple's cross-border payment applications


    The global payment giant American Express is increasing its investment in blockchain technology. The company recently released a series of detailed information and hopes to further deepen its work.

    It is reported that American Express, Ripple and Santander have reached a partnership since last November, and they now want to take this relationship to a new height and promise to continue to promote blockchain solutions to promote safety. High-speed cross-border payment transactions.

    Recently, American Express clearly stated in its recruitment information that the company focused on growth, new products and technology products to meet customer needs, and all of these products were based on the American Express brand. In addition, American Express also released an advertisement saying that it will launch blockchain solutions with Ripple and Santander this year.

    In fact, American Express and Santander have been using their blockchain technology to support cross-border fund transfers since cooperating with Ripple.

    At the Money 20/20 Europe conference held last week, Colin O'Flaherty, vice president of American Express, said that Ripple's xCurrent tool can realize global cross-border remittance transactions with higher transaction speed and transparency. He said:

    "Ripple is able to meet real-time P2P conversations between senders and recipients of funds. This is one of the biggest problems faced by many customers, especially SMEs, when they conduct cross-border payment transactions."

    Currently, Santander has deployed xCurrent products in its OnePayFX cross-border payment service, and customers complete international transfer transactions within the same day or two days.