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  • Fri, Jun 15, 2018 Irish Prime Minister: There is no place better than Ireland to discuss blockchain, cryptocurrency


    Recently, the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said at the MoneyConf conference that the government plans to build Dublin into Europe’s “capital of science and technology”.
    Leo Varadja stated:

    "I don't think any European country is better suited than Ireland to discuss cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and future financial technology regulation. In some ways, Ireland has led the revolutionary changes in the financial technology industry, although We are located on the edge of Europe and in a seemingly isolated place. However, Ireland has a multicultural society, like a global melting pot of people, and we are proud to be in touch with the world."

    In fact, Ireland is a thriving science and technology country. Many of the world's largest financial technology and banking institutions have established business and R&D centers in Ireland, such as Stripe, MasterCard, JP Morgan, Bank of China, and so on.

    Leo Varadka has announced that the Irish government will open 26 new embassies and consulates - including Tokyo and Frankfurt - to increase Ireland's global influence. In addition, he also announced that in order to support technological innovation and attract more software engineers and other professionals, Ireland plans to increase the Irish Industrial Development Authority (IDA) budget in the next few years.

    This week, Ireland’s Industrial Development Authority announced the launch of Blockchain Ireland, a blockchain R&D project that aims to achieve breakthrough innovation in blockchain and attract more multinational foreign investment. Prime Minister Leo Varadka also stated that the pursuit of innovation is the main factor that Ireland has become the center of European financial science and technology:

    "We can now see some of the results of developing fintech and blockchain ecosystems in Ireland."

    He added that the Irish blockchain and financial technology industry has been making breakthroughs, and will continue to cater to FinTech companies, striving to make the country the first choice for attracting financial technology and blockchain R&D companies. In addition, Prime Minister Leo Varadka announced that the Central Bank of Ireland will launch an innovation center and an industry-participating engagement program to ensure that Ireland can keep pace with the evolving financial technology and regulatory easing. Earlier, the Irish government had announced that it would provide 885,000 U.S. dollars to support Irish startups to conduct blockchain and in-depth technology research.