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  • Fri, Jun 29, 2018 US political activities can be funded by cryptocurrencies such as BTC


    According to CCN, Scott Dueweke, chairman of the Identity and Payments Association and network security expert, said in a hearing that digital currency can be a tool for influencing the US political process and will be used by some groups such as foreign parties. . Digital currency leaders such as BTC and ETH can be used to fund US political activities. But Kansas does not allow Bitcoin to participate in political activities.

    According to Dueweke, the threat of digital currency to the US electoral process is becoming more serious. The hostile countries use digital currency to circumvent the Western financial system and its anti-money laundering regulations. Russia is a major threat. The solution is that the United States needs to establish a voice in the digital currency and its payments, and can moderately influence and use the digital currency system. Thus, the United States can guarantee that the digital currency remains legally transparent and operates under international standards.