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  • Mon, Jul 9, 2018 Hyundai launched a blockchain advertisement at the World Cup to attract 20 million viewers worldwide


    The 2018 FIFA World Cup ignited this summer, and the blockchain advertising in the World Cup also attracted a lot of attention. In England's 2-0 victory over Sweden, midfielder Hyundai's advertising for blockchain technology attracted the attention of 20 million viewers around the world. Modern advertising display blockchain technology

    Hyundai Digital Assets (HDAC), a subsidiary of South Korea's leading automaker Hyundai Group, recently released a blockchain ad that demonstrates the vision of this emerging technology in the future IoT industry and is in the World Cup. Play every half time break. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), on July 7, the advertisement was launched during the quarter-finals of the England and Sweden World Cup. The audience reached 1.46 million, slightly lower than England vs. Colombia. The number of 23.6 million viewers.

    At present, the blockchain advertisements produced by Hyundai Digital Assets Co., Ltd. are still broadcast on the BBC and ITV. The company was founded last year to build a secure IoT ecosystem using private and public chains, and its CEO, Chung Dae-sun, is the nephew of Zheng Mengjiu, president of Hyundai Group. This advertisement shows a scenario in which ordinary households use blockchain technology to complete real-time payments. The household owner also uses smart devices to protect the security of the house and automatically pays utility fees. It is worth mentioning that the screen text of the advertisement mentioned the word “blockchain” three times, and the dubbing was mentioned once.

    On the website of Hyundai Digital Assets Co., Ltd., “The blockchain technology can be applied to many industries such as smart engineering, smart home, smart building, etc. In addition, the technology can support the contract between IoT devices, and (machine-to-machine) transactions to build a platform that provides reasonable consumption and trading services."

    More importantly, the South Korean Hyundai Digital Assets company’s advertisement mentions that blockchain technology is trustworthy – a major propaganda change, as many mainstream media will use blockchain technology’s cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin is described as a "Ponzi scheme." Now, as a subsidiary of Hyundai Group, Hyundai Digital Assets Corporation publicly supports these technologies and provides a new and trustworthy perspective for many TV viewers to look at blockchain technology. In the advertisement, Korea Hyundai Digital Assets Co., Ltd. integrates blockchain technology into the daily life of ordinary families, and let the audience realize that blockchain technology can make them profit.

    Bitcoin reputation is changing
    In the past, when people mentioned bitcoin, they thought of illegal transactions, such as payment methods for illegal goods on the dark network, money laundering, and other illegal transactions using anonymous transaction features. Therefore, if cryptocurrencies are to be widely used, they must change the perception of the public and the government.

    South Korea's Hyundai Digital Assets Inc. tells people in a clear way that blockchain technology is very secure and can bring a lot of innovation. At present, world-renowned companies such as IBM, Santander and Bank of America are trying to use blockchain technology to provide better services to enterprises and the public. The reputation of Bitcoin will definitely improve in the future.