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  • Fri, Jul 27, 2018 Antigua and Barbuda invest immigrant accept cryptocurrency payments Currently supporting BTC and BCH


    For Bitcoin Cash (BCH) investors, it seems now easier to get citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda. As a “Pearl” on the Eastern Caribbean Sea, the National Council of Antigua and Barbuda unanimously passed a revised resolution of the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) Act this week, allowing for investment immigration. Use bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies.

    According to local news media Antigua News Room, Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the amendment would allow cryptocurrency to obtain citizenship, of course, in addition to cryptocurrencies, Antigua The Barbados Citizenship Investment Program also accepts Euros and other legal tenders. Gaston Brown said: "We now offer an investment immigration mechanism that supports cryptocurrency payments. In fact, it can expand the investment immigration market because we have many cryptocurrency investors and they are very willing to get Antigua and Barbados’ citizenship, if you don’t accept cryptocurrency payments, means you will lose this market.”

    The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Immigration Program allows individuals and their families to apply for investment immigration. On the one hand, it provides a large number of business opportunities and tax benefits for this emerging economy, and once it becomes a citizen of the country, it can obtain 132 countries free of visas. treatment. According to the latest amendment to the Citizenship Investment Plan Act, investment immigration applications can directly pay cryptocurrency through overseas accounts, and Antigua and Barbuda will convert cryptocurrencies into US dollars at the current exchange rate. The use of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash ensures that Antigua and Barbuda investment immigration applicants can quickly complete transactions at a very low cost. The government believes that Bitcoin cash is already the most scalable and flexible in the world. One of the cryptocurrencies.